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Welcome to my web site! Rev. 10-4-15

9-18-2015: Due to the loss of the host server, I am updating this site. I will be changing the format somewhat to better categorize the topics. This will be over the next several weeks as I can find the time.

As I am able to restore the links and add more pages/content, I will post notices here.

10-4-2015: After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the XR750 link on the left is now operative as is the Competition Network Articles link.

4-11-2016: Life continues to throw detours (can any of you relate?). Despite my best intentions, I have not been able to get here as often as I would like.

I did not have backups for the pages that disappeared (along with the person who hosted this site). They will be recreated as I can dig my way out of this additional detour.

Thank you for your interest!

Establishing this business in 1973 to provide high quality prototype design, machining, and fabrication for those involved in the transportation industries, my experience has grown to include mechanical instruments, electron microscope repair and ultra high vacuum welding.
For most of the 1970's I was building experimental and prototype motorcycles and components for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. My favorite project from that time was being the builder of the prototype Cafe Racer pictured above, and my further involvement to help it become a production reality. For five years after my work on what would become the XLCR, I continued to work for Harley under a yearly contract.
Those of you interested in some of my experiences from that time may wish to read a continuing series of articles I have been writing for the Competition Network Quarterly. The first three of these articles are on the last page of this site, accessed on the left.
Whether you need a ruby and sapphire jeweled clock movement as on the right, or one of the hard to find swing arms for an XR 750 racing motorcycle pictured below, I am sure you will find that I am capable of providing you with the level of workmanship that both of us can be proud of.
Please bear with me as I build this site to properly showcase the types of products that we can create together.
Thank you for stopping by and best wishes to you.



Although I was unprepared for it, I am thrilled with the growing interest in the XLCR and the worldwide response that I have received as a result of this site. As soon as possible, I will be rebuilding this site to better respond to this interest.

No true artist that I know of enjoys seeing his/her work willfully destroyed. I will never forget my internal response over 25 years ago when I was unsuccessful in trying to save the original Cafe Racer from destruction. My thought was, "I did it once, I can do it again." No blueprints or sketches for the prototype were ever made by anyone. Because I was responsible for many design elements, plus virtually all of the machining and fabrication, I am the only person in the world that can reproduce this bike.

Refusing to allow my spirit to be destroyed along with the prototype, for many years I quietly gathered the parts I needed to duplicate the bike. With period photos, notes and even my original time sheets, my reconstruction was started in February of 2000. On April 14, 2000 a giant step forward was made when a Sportster of the correct year was secured. This Sportster had not been on the road for a long time so the frame still had the original white paint in the serial number.

Trying to keep up with the growing interest in the XLCR has sidelined this second Cafe Racer prototype for over two years. I must now devote my time to finishing it.

I am already writing a book to completely explain how the prototype was conceived and built. I will also detail how the XLCR evolved from the original. I seek to clear up many misconceptions about the XLCR and to provide a solid understanding of the entire process to develop and produce these bikes. This should be of special interest to those concerned with preserving them in the years to come.

Thank you so much for your interest and patience.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to many unforeseen developments since I started this web site, I am forced to devote all of my time to saving my house and shop from further deterioration.

Therefore, I am announcing my retirement from all motorcycle-related work.

Thank you all for the interest you have shown through the years and to all the great people I have had the honor of meeting along the way.

Please get in touch to offer comments and money!

You can e-mail me at:

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