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XLCR Tank Badge Repair
Here I highlight the results of my repairing the tank badge smashed by the post as shown on the XLCR Fuel Tank Repair page. I also show the steps I took to repair the damaged holes for the tiny screws that hold the badges in place,

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The 3 photos below are of the same badge as the one in the above views. The tops of the letters "A" , "V" & "I" in "Davidson" are still slightly flattened, which is what I wanted to show in the larger view on top. There is absolutely no filler of any kind (including welding) to restore this badge. You can see by the tank damage just how hard this badge was hit because the badge was between the tank and the post. Why, I bet if there was a fly on the badge he/she has one heck of a headache. Probably ruined his or her whole day too! I never thought of using an XLCR as a flyswatter before but I guess that shows how versatile these motorcycles are.



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