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UHV Welding
These are a few examples of the type of welding done for ultra high vacuum (UHV) chambers and related components.

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The above views are just a trial for me to prove to my boss at the time I could do these types of welds. The small stainless steel tubes are the same dimensions as the jacket of the feed throughs we used for UHV items. The weld are usually placed on the inside towards the vacuum. This way there are no seams to trap atoms that would eventually work loose and contaminate the vacuum environment.

          Below is just a proof of the control needed for some of this microscopic welding. The stainless steel shim stock is only .005 inch thick and is welded edge to edge. For a comparison, ordinary paper is .003 inch thick.

These next views are another proof required before I was turned loose on an actual item to be used on a UHV project. It is sometimes
not possible to gain access to a weld on the inside of an assembly. The view on the left is how the tubes were welded from the outside, but with total penetration on the inside to completely eliminate any seam.

All welding that was to be used in any UHV application had to be tested 100% to assure that the welds would not let helium atoms pass through. If an area was found to pass any atoms, the weld had to be re-done. There is no room for excuse or for error.

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